April 3rd, 2024

On default apps

While migrating between apps can be a chore, I like that I can do it. I like trying other apps from time to time.

Yesterday I migrated all my bookmarks from Anybox to GoodLinks. I bought GoodLinks when it first came out but I didn't understand it. Was it a read later app or was it a bookmarking app? I got hung up on that. Anybox was the logical place for me to put my links as it archived the articles, saved PDF copies of websites, and supported all kinds of urls like bookmarklets and deeplinks. I was worried about moving my stuff over, because the internet is in its very nature both ephemeral and forever. I kept my Anybox data, since it's just stored on iCloud, same as GoodLinks, so if GoodLinks didn't get something I could go back to Anybox to check its archived copy.

I also changed my podcast app from Airshow, which I love, to Apple's Podcasts, which I do not love. It's built in and supports transcriptions now which is really cool. It will also recommend me a racist and homophobic podcasts, so that's obviously not ideal. I don't know if I will keep using Apple's Podcasts app, but it's so easy to just transfer my data back and forth. Especially when I only listen to two podcasts.

Swapping out apps can be fun, it gives me a different perspective and shows me what my options are.