March 29th, 2024

My Rule of Thumb for Buying Apple Stuff


Provided I have the money to spend at the time,

  • I generally upgrade my iPad Pro every 2 releases as it's my main computer
  • I get a new Apple Watch if my current one is broken as the Apple Watch hasn't changed significantly since it came out almost a decade ago
  • I use the iPhone Upgrade Program since it gives me the latest camera for half the price of buying the iPhone to own. This  helps me avoid all the planned obsolescence pitfalls
  • I buy Macs when Apple forces me to because macOS stops running on my hardware
  • I ignorantly buy every release of the Apple TV thinking this will be the one that actually improves something. They're relatively cheap though, and I do use them pretty heavily
  • I don't buy Apple products that have been out for a while. I feel like that's asking for a world of pain with whatever whiplash decision might be made with the latest model of something