April 4th, 2024

Mario Mario vs Mario


A hot take I have been mulling on since my wife got me to watch the 1993 Mario movie: Super Mario Bros. (1993) is better than The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023). While I recognize that the ‘90s movie was a mess to make, it tries so much harder than the ‘23 version. The newer film wasn't made for me, full stop. It wasn't made for people who grew up with Mario, it was made for people who have yet to grow up with Mario.

I imagine when you start a new project in Final Draft it automatically inserts that the main character will be played by Chris Pratt. Most people remember to change this before turning in their work, but like a college english professor, you can clearly see when someone leaves in the placeholder text.

I enjoy the creative (and wild) choices that the ‘93 film made. Maybe the ‘23 film could have been improved by making any choice at all.