May 14th, 2024

3 Observations on Portland

A month after moving from San Francisco I have learned some new things that I don't know if people outside of Portland are aware of.

Such as:

  • There is a ban on grape jelly that every grocery store is responsible for upholding. No idea why, but if you like PB&J you're going to need to find a back alley dealer.
  • Coffee shops are just a collection of "homemade" flavored syrups. I keep trying them because, you know, what if it's good! It hasn't been, but what if! They also like Red Bulls and "coffee sodas" that they will also squirt some syrups in.
  • Cars can in fact stop for pedestrians! Every driver in San Francisco learned to drive by playing GTA. Gotta get the high score on the city's leaderboard.